Galaxiid surveys - Woods and Arthurs lakes.

Brown trout fry

Each year the IFS surveys Arthurs and Woods lakes for two endangered native fishes, the Arthurs paragalaxias and the Saddled galaxias.  At Arthurs Lake, we found high numbers of the Arthurs paragalaxias across all areas of the lake, with 429 fish captured.  However, the number of Saddled galaxias captured was very low, with only 9 captured over two nights of trapping. 

The survey results for Woods Lake were contrasting to the Arthurs Lake results.  A total of 217 Saddled galaxias were captured over two nights trapping, with only one Arthurs paragalaxias captured.  The result for the Saddled galaxias was somewhat reassuring as the number of fish captured at Woods Lake over the past two years has been low. While just one Arthurs paragalaxias was captured, it is good to know the species remains in the Woods Lake, as before 2014 it was thought it may have become locally extinct.

During the survey of Woods Lake, a good number of brown trout fry were captured, indicating a strong recruitment year.  These young trout should reach takeable size by the 2023-24 season. 

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