Lake Sorell screen structures undergo maintenance

The new stainless steel eye bolts which allow the raising and lowering of the screens

Inland Fisheries Service recently engaged the services of a contractor to replace all of the bolt hardware in the Lake Sorell screens to overcome rust and corrosion issues.  The screens are a vital piece of infrastructure as they filter all of the water being released from Lake Sorell (where carp are present), into Lake Crescent which is now carp free. Raising and lowering the screens to regulate water releases from Lake Sorell is an important task, and this process was being hampered by staff having to contend with rusty and seized bolts and nuts.

On the advice of the contractor, all of the bolt hardware has been replaced by high grade stainless steel fittings which will not be affected by the continuously wet screens environment. The work will ensure that staff will be able to undertake future screen adjustment tasks in a timely and efficient manner for years to come.

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