IFS attends Anglers Alliance Tasmania general meeting


John Diggle attended Anglers Alliance Tasmania 2nd quarterly meeting in Ross on Sunday 29 May.

Special guests, amongst a strong turnout, included member for Lyons, Eric Hutchinson, Marcos Ambrose of Thousand Lakes Lodge and representatives from the Fly Fishers Club.

The key items discussed included:

  • Thousand Lakes Lodge and the nature of its operation
  • Four Springs Lake water level
  • Junior angling day planned for 16 October
  • Fisheries Habitat Fund and potential collaborations
  • Little Pine and Penstock Lagoons and the implications of motorised boating
  • IFS regulations and currently proposed amendments
  • Arthurs Lake pilot trout population survey and future investigation

More information will become available on the Anglers Alliance website http://anglersalliance.org.au/

For a copy of the IFS report to Anglers Alliance Tasmania click here

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