August 2020 Inland Fisheries Service News Archive

One of the $10,000 tagged trout waiting to be caught
Aug. 13, 2020

Never been a better time to go trout fishing

Stay safe, support local businesses, buy a licence and catch a trout! The Inland Fisheries Service is running a major promotion to encourage trout fishing in regional areas during the 2020-21 angling season, which started on 1 August 2020. Five brown trout were tagged and released into lakes around Tasmania. One each into Arthurs Lake,...

Sarah Chiffey enjoying the opening of the trout season at Bradys Lake
Aug. 3, 2020

Opening of the trout season

After a long break from trout fishing for some of us and all the recent disruption to our lives, one Tasmanian tradition continued this weekend with the opening of the 2020-21 brown trout fishing season. Anglers were out in force around the state making the most of idyllic winter weather to head back to their...