Plenty of $2 000 tagged trout still to be caught.

Keep an eye out for a winning tagged trout.

So far there have been 12 winning tagged trout caught this fishing season with the lucky anglers receiving $2 000. This means there are still plenty more out there to be caught. 

Winning tagged trout have been caught from the following waters this fishing season:

  • Arthurs Lake x 2
  • Briseis Mine Hole x 1
  • Bronte Lagoon x 2
  • Curries River Reservoir x 1
  • Lake Leake x 1
  • Lake Mackintosh x 3
  • Lake Rosebery x 1
  • yingina/Great Lake x 1

For more information on where you can catch a winning tagged trout go to the Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion

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