Inland Fisheries Officer nabs rubbish dumper

The dumped goods that resulted in an infringement notice from a fisheries officer.

An Inland Fisheries Officer on patrol of the Craigbourne Dam area noticed a flat tray vehicle parked at the side of a road with used carpet on tray.  The registration of the vehicle was taken and on return a short time later the Officer found the carpet deposited over an armco railing and on to roadside land.  This location is known for rubbish dumping.

The Officer then located and intercepted the vehicle being driven south of Campania.  The vehicle was stopped and the driver spoken to regarding the littering offense where a number of admissions were made.

The driver was issued with an infringement notice and was made to return to the site to collect his load.

Inland Fisheries Officers are authorised under a range of legislation including the Litter Act 2007.

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