Sterile Judas carp released into Lake Sorell

IFS' Rob Cordwell releasing one of the sterilised radio tracking carp

With a view to assist the eradication of carp from Lake Sorell, surgically or chemically sterilised male Judas carp (implanted with radio tags) were successfully released into Lake Sorell on Tuesday 15 Oct 2013.  The location of each fish was monitored the following day. To our pleasant surprise they have spread with some traversing as far as 6.5 km from the point of release showing their ability to move and assimilate quickly.

However, it is not known yet whether these sterilised Judas carp will behave and perform as well as the previous reproductively viable Judas carp in betraying the locations of feral carp. This will become clear over the forthcoming summer season. If they are like most other species, including humans, very little will have changed in their virility and interest in pursuing females and betraying their locations, but the risk of inadvertently contributing to breeding would be greatly reduced or eliminated.

The project is undertaken in collaboration with National Centre for Marine Conservation and Resource Sustainability, UTas and is funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

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