Inland Fisheries Service News

Primary Industries and Water Minister Jo Palmer announcing the 2022-23 Tasmanian Tagged Trout Promotion
Nov. 22, 2022

Another tagged trout winner, this time at Lake Rosebery!

Liam McKenna of Devonport and his mate Jarvis had a fishing trip down to Lake Rosebery they will not forget for a while. Arriving down at the water from the north west coast at around 10am on Saturday 19th of November, they spent the day casting and retrieving soft plastics from the shore of the...

The new boom gate at Cowpaddock Bay on Gunns Marsh Road, Arthurs Lake - road closed to the public
Nov. 18, 2022

Gunns Marsh Road status update

Hydro Tasmania advise work is continuing on the flood damage restoration works on Gunns Marsh Road but in the meantime, they have been able to restore public access to the Cowpaddock day use parking area, located just before the causeway over Cowpaddock Creek, from Tuesday November 15. A boom gate has been installed on the...

Ibbotts Rivulet temporary bridge
Nov. 17, 2022

Road closure update

The Parks and Wildlife Service is pleased to announce that the Lake Augusta Rd will be reopened 9am Thursday 17 November, permitting access through the Central Plateau Conservation Area to Lake Augusta. A temporary ‘army’ bridge has been installed. It is one lane only and we ask that all users of the area comply with...

Huntsman Lake Boat Ramp
Nov. 16, 2022

Tasmanian Irrigation dam levels

Tasmanian Irrigation have a new Dam Dashboard - Tasmanian Irrigation which provides daily updated lake levels for Tasmanian Irrigation storages. This is useful information for anglers, particularly those that fish Lake Leake, Camden Lake, Huntsman Lake, Craigbourne Lake and South Riana Lake.

Hydro Tasmania logo
Nov. 14, 2022

Hydro update Gunns Marsh Road

Hydro Tasmania have advised that Gunns Marsh Road is now open to the northern end of Cowpaddock Bay. The road remains closed beyond this point to allow for repairs to be completed to the remainder of the road until further notice.